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The Veloflex Corsa is a open tubular style scooter using a cotton casing and glued to tread just enjoy the favorite Vittoria Open Corsa. This is an overview of this 25 millimeter edition of the Corsa, a 23 millimeter variant is available also. The Veloflex Corsa includes a black casing that’s a little different from most other cotton tires. If you would rather skin coloured sidewalls, the Veloflex Master can be obtained as well that is basically the exact same tire but for the colour of the casing.

Veloflex is a little producer from Italy that’s specialized in hand made, high-end street bicycle tires. They are mostly known for their tubular tires however also make some clinchers too. The Veloflex Corsa/Master tires would be most akin to this Vittoria Open Corsa (read review) or Grand Prix 4000S II (read review) type of tires since those include an anti-puncture belt and also may be regarded as off-road tires.

Another clincher tire from Veloflex is your Record. The Record has a much milder casing, thinner tread, and does not include an anti-puncture belt. For everyone that’s trying to find information on the Veloflex Record 22-622 clincher scooter: I have tested it (just RR, no threading) as it comes in at 9.9 g @ 120 psi / 8.3 pubs and 10.6 g at 100 psi / 6.9 pubs.

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Encourages weight of this 25-622 Corsa is 205 g, my sample came in at 200 g that’s a very wonderful weight. The measured diameter with an air pressure of 100 psi / 6.9 pubs, on a 17C rim is 25 mm. Overall height is 22 mm. In comparison to many other 25-622 street bicycle tires, the Corsa is rather a little tire. Many 23-622 rated tires are just too large as the Corsa 25.

The entire depth of the scooter in the middle of this tread comes in at 2.1 mm. 2.1 mm is rather sparse as the Vittoria Open Corsa G comes in at 2.4 mm and other similar tires such as the Conti GP4000SII (read review) , Schwalbe One (read review), along with Michelin Power Contest (read review) come in closer to 3 mm. I am pretty sure that this scooter will not survive as long as these tires. The normal thickness of the sidewall is 0.75 mm. It has to be added that the depth of the sidewall is 1 mm close to the base of the sidewall and 0.5 mm close to the top.

Rolling resistance of this Veloflex Corsa is not spectacularly low to get a luxury tire, but definitely not bad either. Having a rolling resistance of 13.4 watts in an air pressure of 120 psi / 8.3 pubs, the Corsa will get outperformed by the majority of high-end round tires from different producers by 1 to 2 2.5 g each flight. If you are taking a look at cotton tires just, the Vittoria Corsa G (read review) and Specialized Turbo Cotton (read review) appear like the better wheels.

Even though the Corsa is somewhat more compact than many other 25 millimeter road bicycle tires I have tested (that ends in a little drawback in the rolling resistance evaluation of ~0.3 g at 120 psi / 8.3 pubs), I have to say I expected a little more from this a mild and thin bicycle from Veloflex. I understand the Record is considerably quicker at 9.9 watts @ 120 psi / 8.3 pubs, but that bicycle has even less tread depth in 1.5 millimeter maximum total tire depth.

From the tread puncture resistance evaluation, the Veloflex Corsa performs amazingly well for such a slim tire. Having a score of 12 points, it outperforms the Vittoria Corsa G and GP4000S II by 1 stage. It appears like that the Veloflex anti-puncture belt works nicely to prevent a 1 millimeter steel needle from penetrating the tire.

When puncturing the sidewall, the Veloflex plays ordinary. Most other high TPI, luxury tires appear to come in at 4 to 5 factors in this evaluation.

Rolling resistance of this Veloflex Corsa is a bit on the large side for a costly hand made scooter. Another drawback is that the low tire depth of just 2.1 mm that suggests there is not all that much rubber to wear down. The experts are these tires include a cotton shell, possess a very low weight, and still perform very powerful from the puncture resistance evaluations. If these tires match your requirements, I really don’t find a reason to prevent them.

I really do believe that the Vittoria Corsa G (read review) tires would be the greater tires in case you’re searching for some cotton tires. Regrettably, I can not comment on wear or grip involving those tires as that may make a significant difference too. Please make a comment and allow me to know if you prefer the Veloflex tires because I’m very curious about your view.

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